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Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedies for Kids “Seasonal Threats”

Kid “Seasonal Threat” Combo- with Essential OIls and Homeopathic Remedies

Sneeze, cough, runny nose, crankiness, fever, trip to the doctor, one hour in the waiting room, antibiotics, diaper rash, diarrhea, upset tummy, 10 days later-finally feeling better.  A few days later- kid number 2- sneeze, cough, and the cycle continues!  Save yourself, please!  It’s time to bring on the essential oils and the homeopathic remedies.  Get off the hamster wheel!

If you are a parent you know what I’m talking about.  I’ve been there too.  But, that was before I took control of my kid’s wellness with essential oils and homeopathic remedies.  Part of me accepted it as something that came with territory of being a parent.  But, there was a part of me that just knew it didn’t have to be like this.  I was tired of spending money on copays and on rx’s that relieved the cold but caused crazy side affects!

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The Gift of Frankincense at Christmas

Mathew, Chapter 2A Gift of Frankincense

One of my favorite times of year is Christmas.  Since becoming a mother this holiday has become even more special to me. Not just because I enjoy seeing the holiday through my children’s eyes, but because I feel intensely drawn to Mary- the mother of Jesus. God gave us his only son as a sacrifice so that we could experience God’s grace and the gift of eternal life in heaven.  Having two sons of my own, I realize even more how great a gift Jesus is to humanity, and what a holy and faithful woman Mary was.  God provided the world with the gift of Frankincense, one of my most beloved essential oils.

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What Is An Essential Oil Anyway?

what is an essential oil anywayThe other day I was shopping in T.J. Maxx and I came across a display of essential oils.  It was sort of surprising; I wouldn’t think of T.J. Maxx as a place to buy oils (and I wouldn’t recommend it either).  They’re in the grocery store, the drug store, and now even the bargain store!  I think it’s safe to say that essential oils are everywhere these days!  But…… what is an essential oil anyway?  I’ll admit it, when I first got into oils I didn’t exactly know what they are either!  Check out this post, which includes a short video, for a concise and entertaining answer to the question… what is an essential oil anyway?

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Essential Oils and Yoga

essential oils and yogaOne of my earliest memories involving essential oils is from a yoga class.  At the end of the class during the savasana the teacher brought around a little bottle of lavender oil.  She would offer each student a little drop of the oil, which she placed on the wrist.  I remember the feeling of relaxation and contentment that came along with that little drop.  Not long after I began purchasing oils for myself and slowing immersing myself in the oil world.  Essential oils and yoga go hand and hand, and you will find oils are easy to incorporate into any workout really.

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My Journey into Essential Oils

My journey into essential oils started a long time ago!  I have always had a vivid imagination and a deep love of history.  In my late teens and early twenties I was really into European history- especially the Middle Ages.  I read a lot of books (fiction and non) on the subject and enjoyed countless movies and documentaries as well.  I also took a lot of college classes focusing on European history and anthropology.  I learned how medieval monks would plant vast herb gardens at their monasteries and would use herbal medicine to treat the sick in their areas.  I became fascinated with herbal medicine and the amazing benefits of plant therapy.  I even tried to plant my own herb garden.  Major fail.  Most herbs can’t tolerate the climate in Florida!

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Like Water for Chocolate: Cacao Superfood

Raw Cacao

Thanks to my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor I’ve been making slight changes in my diet these past two weeks.  I recently underwent Chinese Body Typing and was told I’m an Earth Yang.  In Chinese Body Typing the doctor looks at your body and makes a determination about what types of foods you should avoid and consume more of.  It’s pretty interesting; and has 1000’s of years of history to back it up.  So, I’m an Earth Yang which means no VEGGIES for me.  He says I’m a GRAIN GIRL, meaning 50% of my diet should be grains, the other 50% is halved between animal product/meat and fruit.  Fruit includes vegetables that have seeds!  My doctor suggested I try something that I was unfamiliar with; raw cacao powder.  I mean, obviously I AM FAMILIAR with CHOCOLATE!  So what’s the difference?

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Hildegard’s Essentials: Essential Oil Tips from a Saint

Saintly Tips

Who better to get essential oil tips from than a Saint?  Right? Hildegard’s Essentials are herbal remedies from Saint Hildegard adapted for modern-day essential oil use. Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century nun, composer, author, herbalist, healer, and visionary.  Her visions from God inspired her to become a herbal healer and to write extensively about the subject throughout her life.  It is for these visions and writings that she was granted Sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church.

In her works she discusses the healing properties of 17 plants that are commercially available today in essential oil form; I’ve highlighted 10 of them here which I’ve named “Hildegard’s Essentials”.  Hildegard didn’t use essential oils.  She used the whole plants (steams, leaves, bark, or resin), which is the traditional way herbal medicine is practiced.  With today’s amazing distillation technology we are blessed to be able to use essential oils in our herbal remedies.  Oils are much more potent than there whole plant counterparts; and less oil is needed to be effective; making oils a natural choice for herbal remedies.  So, I’ve substituted essential oils for her herbs.

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Make Your Own (safe and natural) Essential Oil Bug Spray

Living in Florida is wonderful!  I could make a list as thick as an encyclopedia of things I love about it.  We do have a few things that would not be on that list.  Number one would probably be mosquitoes!  They are everywhere down here.  In fact the county I live in used by called Mosquito County (I think Orange is much better, don’t you.. hehe).  Using bug spray is just something you do, unless you want to get eaten alive.  I’ve always been leery of bug sprays and repellents because of chemicals and toxins.  I’ve found some wonderful essential oils that work wonders repelling mosquitoes and are safe to use on children, pets and of course adults, which I’ll be sharing with you!  Today I’ll share my favorite bug repelling oils and a simple recipe for essential oil bug spray.

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