All Wrapped Up at Christmas

‘Tis the season for wrapping lots and lots of gifts!  I’m sure all of you have pulled out your scotch tape, ribbons, wrapping paper, little gift cards, and scissors.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with wrapping.  I DREAD the wrapping process, yet somehow once I get started I strangely enjoy it (I think the Christmas music and hot chocolate have something to do with it).

One way that I’ve found that helps me get into the spirit is to find pretty wrapping paper that inspires me.  I like to sort of create a wrapping scheme each year.  I love to use natural colors and elements in my schemes and I especially love incorporating something homemade also.  Last year I used brown paper and wrapped it with simple red raffia ribbon.  I used Christmas stamps and stamped Christmas trees in green on the paper.  It turned out really cute (of course I don’t have a pic- this was before I started blogging)- but it was a little time consuming.

This year I was planning to go the brown paper route again.  The plan was to wrap the gift with the brown paper, tie with simple white string, add another string of red raffia ribbon, and finally add a spring of rosemary.  BUT…. then I went into TJ Maxx and stumbled onto a simply delightful cache of beautiful, high quality, and best of all…. CHEAP wrapping paper, and accessories.  I mean this was beautiful stuff- a lot of it had a vintage Christmas look to- so I was in hog heaven!  Pretty quickly my original scheme was out the door and I was deep into the aisles with my little grey and red cart.

I settled on this beautiful paper (by the way is was $2.99!!!):

All Wrapped up at Christmas

The colors have the natural look that I love with my Christmas wrapping paper.  It also features some of my favorite Christmas carols, and it has a historical flare with Victorian looking sheet music.  I went low key and just used some green raffia that I already had and wrapped it up!  It’s not as fancy as some of past endeavors and it’s missing a handmade element- but it was easy, CHEAP, and turned out classy-cute.

Check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls for your Christmas wrapping paper this year…. and happy wrapping!!!!

P.S.~ Santa doesn’t wrap in our house… he loves to display unwrapped gifts in lovely little vignettes 😉  Love how much easier he makes Christmas Eve for me!!

Merry Christmas!