Christmas Citrus Centerpieces


Christmas Citrus Centerpieces

As a Florida girl citrus- specifically oranges- have always played a role in our Christmas decorations.  My mother often used oranges and greenery for centerpieces and fireplace mantle decorations.  Oranges have been a part of Christmas decorations in Florida and other southern states for generations.  They are in season in the winter; so they are easily obtained, and of course they look beautiful with garland greenery!  I used oranges and Florida Sand Pine cuttings to make a locally sourced centerpiece.  Using the same oranges and greenery three different ways- I showcased the endless possibilities of these beautiful fruits!

Centerpiece #1: citrus centerpiece 1

For this one I used a silver tray.  First, I placed the cutting on the tray with the stems pointing in.  Then I simply arranged the oranges nicely on the tray.  I added a jar candle for light and the candlesticks for height.










Centerpiece #2: citrus centerpiece 2

For this one I added a silver bowl.  I rearranged the cuttings and the oranges in the bowl and added a cranberry colored faux kissing ball for color.














Centerpiece #3:citrus centerpiece 3

This one is a little different.  For this centerpiece I used a glass bowl and I sugared the oranges.  Sugaring oranges is an old Florida Christmas decorating tradition.  My grandmother used to sugar oranges for her Christmas centerpiece every year.  They are easy to make and give the oranges a glittery/snowy effect.  Very Pretty!

Click HERE for step by step instructions to make sugared oranges.





Have a very Merry Christmas!

~ Lydia