The Gift of Frankincense

Matthew, Chapter 2One of my favorite times of year is Christmas.  Since becoming a mother this holiday has become even more special to me. Not just because I enjoy seeing the holiday through my children’s eyes, but because I feel intensely drawn to Mary- the mother of Jesus. God gave us his only son as a sacrifice so that we could experience God’s grace and the gift of eternal life in heaven.  Having two sons of my own, I realize even more how great a gift Jesus is to humanity, and what a holy and faithful woman Mary was.

An artistic representation of The Magi or Three Wise Men

An artistic representation of The Magi or Three Wise Men

Frankincense is an obvious choice to highlight at Christmastime.  It, along with gold and myrrh, was given to the baby Jesus by the Magi or Three Wise Men.  The Magi were actually royal astronomers from Persia and or Arabia.  We don’t actually know how many of them were there, three has become the traditional number because there were three gifts.  As royal astronomers they would have worked in the royal courts observing the stars.  We know from the Bible that on the night of Jesus’ birth an exceptionally bright star appeared in the night sky.  The Magi would have seen it and believed it to be a sign of the birth of a king.  After seeing it, they left their homes and traveled in search of the newborn king.  So, we know they were not actually present at the manger scene.  When they visited Jesus he was probably a few months old.

The form in which Jesus would have received his Frankincense would have been a solid resin state.  The resin would have been burned, much like burning incense today.  To read more about Frankincense and learn how to use Frankincense essential oil click HERE.

~Merry Christmas!