How to Make Sugared Oranges

how to make sugared oranges

Sugaring oranges is an easy way to add sparkle to a traditional fruit centerpiece.  You can sugar any fruit really, but oranges are my favorite, especially at Christmas.  My grandmother used to sugar oranges at Christmas when my mom was growing up.  She shared the tradition with me.  I loved it so much we had them in the centerpieces at my wedding.  Although, for the wedding we used spray glue and glitter.  To make the real thing you use egg whites and sugar and it is insanely easy!

What you need:

egg whites- about 1 egg white for 2 oranges

sugar- about 1 cup for 2-3 oranges (depending on size)


parchment paper

To make:

Separate your egg whites and place in a wide bowl.  Add the sugar to another wide bowl.  Dip each orange in the egg white, making sure to coat the entire orange.  Next, roll the orange in the sugar.  You can go as thick or as thin as you like.  Finally, set the orange on the parchment paper to dry.  Repeat the process with each orange.  It will take about 2 hours for the oranges to dry.  Once they are dry you can arrange them however you like!

Step 1:

Sugared Oranges 1















Step 2:

Sugared Oranges 2












Step 3: TA DA!! Beautiful and sparkly/snowy sugared oranges!

citrus centerpiece 3



















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  2. Aunt Sherrie

    Your wedding was gorgeous I love this!

    1. Lydia Claire (Post author)

      I will! It is a great holiday recipe.

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