Victorian Inspired OOTD

I have been so inspired by my Victorian Month that I decided to write my first ever style/ Outfit of the day (OOTD) post!

First, a few things you should know, 1- I am NOT a stylist (nor do I claim to have any sort of super styling talent) I enjoy putting different pieces together and playing around in my closet.  2. – I am not a millennial (although I think I might be borderline) so taking selfies is not second nature to me.  Back in the day we used to take selfies with our yellow disposable kodak cameras (you know what I’m talking about) and then wait until we got the film developed to see how they turned out.  More often then not half of your face was missing.  Please be kind to my selfie efforts- cut me some slack- this is an art form not easily conquered overnight 😉

Now that you have been fully prepared…… enjoy!

This OOTD has a Victorian feel to it.  It’s Victorian month here so I’ve been doing a lot reading about the era.  One book I’ve been reading is Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: A Photographic Survey by: Alison Gernsheim.  I’ve always loved the clothes in Victorian period movies and reading about the history behind the trends has been so compelling.  Check back with me next week for an in depth article about cashmere and it’s role in Victorian women’s fashion.  The elements in today’s outfit that are channeling the Victorian Era are:

Victorian Inspired OOTD




























1. The balloon sleeve on my black cardigan sweater.  The balloon sleeve was popular in the late Victorian Era- mainly in the ’90’s.  On a Victorian dress or blouse the balloon would have been much puffer- but you get the picture.  My sweater is from H&M and was purchased in Ireland about 5 years ago.  I’ve always loved it’s “Victorian-ness” in fact that’s why I bought it!

2. My paisley cashmere scarf.  Paisley designs on cashmere shawls were a BIG fashion trend throughout the entire era.  In fact, the name of the paisley design is named for a British factory that did a beautiful job re-creating the design which originated in the East.  The factory was located in Paisley, Scotland, UK.  My parents brought my scarf back from a trip to the Holy Land this past Spring.

3. Pointy toe black boots.  Women’s boots in the Victorian era were similar to what I’m wearing, but they would’ve been ankle high and lace up.  The boots are Stuart Weitzmen about 9 years old- just goes to show you that a good pair of boots really is an investment 😉

4. My earrings- the color of the stones and intricate chandelier design are reminiscent of Victorian jewelry.  No self respecting Victorian woman would’ve worn earrings this big- but the style of the earrings would have been seen on a much smaller scale in rings, necklaces, and small earrings.  I have no clue where the earrings came from- I’m think Dillards like 10 years ago.

To incorporate a Victorian feel into your everyday look follow these simple tips:

  1. Go for pieces with a puffy or balloon sleeve at the shoulder, but are tight down to the wrist
  2. Pieces that are tight are the natural waist, peplum tops, dresses and jackets accomplish this effortlessly
  3. Pointy, high heeled boots- especially lace up really have a Victorian feel
  4. Jewelry in dark stone colors (think rubies, sapphires, and emeralds) in antique looking settings….lots of detail, lots of intricate work.

Here are some shopable Victorian inspired pieces:


Victorian Inspired Valentines


Alexander McQueen pink jacket
$1,965 –

Gothic jacket
$140 –

Alexander McQueen platform shoes
$835 –

David yurman earrings

Alexander McQueen lobster clasp charm
$970 –

Brown shawl

Prada glasses
$270 –


  1. Courtney

    Great selfies! 🙂

    1. Lydia Claire (Post author)

      Thanks! They really are hard, and you feel totally ridiculous taking them 😉 But I guess they’re the wave of the future!! 🙂

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