What’s a Kaftan?

Imagine yourself sipping a rum drink out of coconut while relaxing in the shade of a palm tree; you have on stunner shades, a wide brimmed straw hat, and you’re wearing a kaftan…..what a sec…… what’s a kaftan?

Kaftan’s are trending right now and they are the hottest in beach cover up wear this summer.  You know if I’m writing about it on this blog that it has some sort of historical story- so here goes!  According to Encyclopedia Britannica “A kaftan is a man’s full length garment of ancient Mesopotamian origin (which means they’re like 5,000 years old), worn throughout the Middle East.  Usually made of cotton or silk, or a combination of the two.”  Characteristics of one are: wide/long sleeves, can be open at the front and tied with a sash, and loose fitting and breezy.

In the 1970’s Elizabeth Taylor popularized the wearing of kaftan’s as evening wear.  She was photographed wearing ones that were made of fine silk and intricately embroidered.  This summer they’ve made a comeback, not as evening wear, but as beach accessories.  They are really perfect for the beach.  The light weight fabric used to make them (mine is cotton and elastane) is perfect for quick drying, cool, and it doesn’t wrinkle when stuffed in a beach bag.

My kaftan is from Genuine People and was very affordable at $39, shop it here.  My matching bikini came from Missguided and was also very affordable at $13.60 for the bottoms, shop them here and $17 for the top, shop it here.

Happy Summer!!

Is this guy smoking opium? I don't know! But, he's wearing a kaftan!

Is this guy smoking opium? I don’t know! But, he’s wearing a kaftan!

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