Current Makeup Faves- Roller Lash & Pur Minerals

I love makeup- I have since I was little.  I have an older sister and I spent a lot of time in elementary school sneaking in her room and messing with her makeup.  As you can guess it was extremely annoying to her and I was her little pest!  After I grew up the love didn’t fade and now I’m discovering the world of makeup history- check back in a few weeks for my upcoming post on makeup in ancient Egypt (or follow me on instagram @orange_tree_fla)!  Today I’m sharing a few modern 😉 products that I’m currently in love and highly recommend!

First up is this mascara:  Roller Lash by Benefit– it is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used!  The idea behind it is that it plumps and curls your lashes, giving you a false look without the hassle.  I personally love the false lash look- but I’m hopeless at applying them myself.  I’ve tried other false look lash mascaras, but none of them come even close to roller lash.  It does just what it promises- a false lash look that doesn’t look clumpy or messy.

Second, is this lip balm: Whole Apothecary Lip Balm in Lavender Mint.  OK- I LOVE natural products and especially love products with essential oils in them.  This lip balm is natural, locally made here in Orlando, and contains mint and lavender essential oils.  It goes on smooth and is deeply hydrating.  It wears really well and is never sticky.  I love to wear it alone or over a matte lipstick to keep my lips from drying out.  It also contains calendula infused avocado oil- which is great for healing chapped lips and hydration.

Third: Pressed Mineral Makeup in Light and Marble Powder in Pink both by Pur Minerals.  I’ve used a lot of different mineral makeups over the years from Bare Minerals to MAC, but these two from Pur I’m the happiest with.  The coverage is great- but at the same time it is incredibly sheer.  There is no cakey feeling and you don’t have to apply lots of layers to cover up redness and uneven tone.  The Marble Powder I use like a blush/bronzer and it gives me a warm pink glow without being over powering.  It also has a pearly finish that I especially love.

Fourth is this lip gloss: NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Napoleon.  I love NYX glosses, in my opinion they are just as good as their more expensive counterpart- MAC’s butter gloss.  I have tons of these in a ray of different colors.  The other day I stumbled on their new “intense” color line.  At first I was a little freaked out by the color- because it is intense!!  I mean its really bright, but I found that if I blot it just a bit it comes out perfect.  It’s a perfect shade for summer- bright and cheery!

Check out her eye makeup!  This is an artist's rendering of the bust of Queen Nefertiti- a prized artifact from Ancient Egypt

Check out her eye makeup! This is an artist’s rendering of the bust of Queen Nefertiti- a prized artifact from Ancient Egypt

Like I mentioned above I’m working on a makeup history series.  I’ll cover three different time periods: Ancient Egypt, Elizabethan England, and 18th century France.  You’ll learn the history behind lipstick/rouge, powder/foundation, eye makeup, and how women wore them.  As a fun addition I’ll wear the look from each time period to give you a better understanding of how their makeup looked!  Check back here: or follow me on instagram @orange_tree_fla so you don’t miss a post!