The Evil Eye

In cultures all over the world- but mostly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East- folks believe in (or did) the “evil eye”  It’s the idea that a person can look at you or stare at you in a way that will bestow evil on you.  It’s a jealous or covetous look- it is often unintentional- but not always.  People worried that being successful in business or having a large number of children might bring “evil eye” looks and eventually bad luck or experiences.  In order to counteract the “evil eye” people began would say charms or spells or wear the “evil eye symbol”.  It was common practice in the Jewish faith as well as the Muslim faith to wear the an evil eye amulet to ward off danger associated with “evil eye” looks.

It’s an interesting anthropological topic- because it appears in cultures worldwide- with slight variations- and in different and unconnected time periods.  The ancient Egyptians had a evil eye myth, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and European Pagan religons also had/have evil eye myths!  (This is where my anthropology minor kicks in– money well spent Mom and Dad!) 😉

Evil Eye Amulet's for sale in a Turkish shop. The amulet will ward off the "evil eye" and bring the wearer good fortune.

Evil Eye Amulet’s for sale in a Turkish shop. The amulet will ward off the “evil eye” and bring the wearer good fortune.




I am loving these Evil Eye pants by Niyama Sol that I picked up at my Barre3 studio in Winter Park.  Barre3 keeps me sane!  I get the best workot I’ve ever had (seriously) and they watch my kiddos in a clean and fun environment!  My boys love barre just as much as me!

The pants fit amazingly well, they are very soft, comfortable, and made from recycled bottles!  Wash them on the gentle cycle and hang them to dry and they will keep their shape, softness, and won’t pill.  I’ve had problems with pricey yoga pilling before- so this is a major plus to me.

Get yourself a pair and get busy warding of evil! 🙂