Rene Maurice Gattefose: The Father of Modern Aromatherapy

This is René Maurice Gattefosé, he is the father of modern day aromatherapy.

Rene Maurice Gattefosse- The Father of Modern Aromatherapy


In the early part of the 20th century modern pharmaceuticals were born.  Chemistry and medicine became entwined.  Antibiotics were discovered, along with vaccines, which saved millions of lives.  Natural medicine and plant medicine were quickly fading into history, in danger of being lost forever.  However, thanks to René Maurice Gattefosé natural and herbal medicine were not forgotten, and today are experiencing a true renaissance.

An Accidental Discovery

Around 1910, while working in the laboratory of his family’s cosmetic company, he badly burned his hand.  Lavender oil was on hand and he quickly applied it to the burn.  He was intrigued at how quickly the oil relieved pain and then healed the burn.  Thus beginning a life long fascination and study of essential oils.  He even experimented with essential oils in military hospitals in World War I.  Noting the antiseptic and quick healing qualities of many oils.  He invented the phrase “armothérapie” for the use of scented plant oils in healing and wellness.

In 1937 he published his book “Aromatherapy” which documented his years of research working with essential plant oils.  Luckily for modern day aromatherapy lovers the book is back in print and has been translated into English.  It’s available on Amazon.

Aromatherapy Today

In today’s world aromatherapy continues to gain more and more popularity.  Super-bugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria are constantly in the news.  Using essential oils can be a natural way to aid in overall wellness.  It is a great way to lower your need for synthetic drugs and trips to the doctor’s office.  I use essential oils as much as possible to aid with the treatment of minor health issues.  I have found that using the oils to aid immune support, and help with healing cuts and other “boo boo’s” has greatly reduced the amount of time our family spends at the doctor’s office.

So… thanks René