My Journey into Essential Oils

My journey into essential oils started a long time ago!  I have always had a vivid imagination and a deep love of history.  In my late teens and early twenties I was really into European history- especially the Middle Ages.  I read a lot of books (fiction and non) on the subject and enjoyed countless movies and documentaries as well.  I also took a lot of college classes focusing on European history and anthropology.  I learned how medieval monks would plant vast herb gardens at their monasteries and would use herbal medicine to treat the sick in their areas.  I became fascinated with herbal medicine and the amazing benefits of plant therapy.  I even tried to plant my own herb garden.  Major fail.  Most herbs can’t tolerate the climate in Florida!

Over the years my interest in herbal medicine continued, I started drinking a lot of herbal teas, using dried herbs in baths, and then I stumbled on essential oils!  Essential oils are derived from the leafs, stems, or flowers of an herbal plant.  The oil is distilled from the plant (often through steam distillation) and provides the users with the benefits of the medicinal plant; but in a more potent and concentrated form.  They have a long shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated.  Think about it- Lavender is a herbal/medicinal plant that is known for its healing properties.  It’s great to ease anxiety/tension, it helps to heal cuts, bites, and burns faster; while also relieving pain and preventing infection.  But… I don’t really have time to cultivate a field of a Lavender; and it simply won’t grown in Florida.  So what’s a Lavender loving girl to do?  Get the oil.  Using essential oils will open up the world of herbal medicine to you.  You will be able to try oils from plants that only grow on the other side of the world!  Plus- as I mentioned above the oils are more potent than the dried leaves, stems, or flowers; so you get more bang for your buck!  Take it from The Paleo Mama (another blogger and essential oil user): “In order for me to get the therapeutic benefits of ONE DROP of peppermint essential oil, I would have to drink 40 cups of peppermint tea. ”

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