What Is An Essential Oil Anyway?

what is an essential oil anywayThe other day I was shopping in T.J. Maxx and I came across a display of essential oils.  It was sort of surprising; I wouldn’t think of T.J. Maxx as a place to buy oils (and I wouldn’t recommend it either).  They’re in the grocery store, the drug store, and now even the bargain store!  I think it’s safe to say that essential oils are everywhere these days!  But…… what is an essential oil anyway?  I’ll admit it, when I first got into oils I didn’t exactly know what they are either!  Check out this post, which includes a short video, for a concise and entertaining answer to the question… what is an essential oil anyway?

P.S.. Seriously… Don’t buy oils at T.J. Maxx…… buy oils that are guaranteed pure and fresh!  Here’s why.