Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedies for Kids “Seasonal Threats”

Kid “Seasonal Threat” Combo- with Essential OIls and Homeopathic Remedies

Sneeze, cough, runny nose, crankiness, fever, trip to the doctor, one hour in the waiting room, antibiotics, diaper rash, diarrhea, upset tummy, 10 days later-finally feeling better.  A few days later- kid number 2- sneeze, cough, and the cycle continues!  Save yourself, please!  It’s time to bring on the essential oils and the homeopathic remedies.  Get off the hamster wheel!

If you are a parent you know what I’m talking about.  I’ve been there too.  But, that was before I took control of my kid’s wellness with essential oils and homeopathic remedies.  Part of me accepted it as something that came with territory of being a parent.  But, there was a part of me that just knew it didn’t have to be like this.  I was tired of spending money on copays and on rx’s that relieved the cold but caused crazy side affects!

Over the past few months or so, I’ve figured out a great combination of oils combined with a homeopathic medicine that knocks out “seasonal threats” for my kids.  I call it my “kid “seasonal threat” combo”!  My hope is that this combo will work for your kids; while saving you time and money.  The three oils you need are: frankincense, eucalyptus, and oregano.  The homeopathic medicine is Hyland’s for Kids: Cough and Cold.


Why and How?

Let’s start with oregano.  Oregano is nature’s antibiotic and antiviral drug rolled into one.  It is a powerful germ killing machine.  It is a warm oil, which means it should never be applied neat to the skin.  It must always be diluted with coconut oil.  Due to it’s potential to irritate the skin only apply it (diluted) to the soles of the feet.  (Thyme is a great substitute if you don’t have oregano on hand.  Follow the same guidelines as oregano when applying it to the skin.  It’s a warm oil as well.)  At the onset of cold symptoms start applying it every 3 hours or so to the bottom of your child’s feet.  Use a roller ball bottle with a 1:2 ratio of oregano to coconut oil.  If you don’t want to make your own order one here.  I always make sure to apply it right before bedtime too.


Why and How?

Next up is eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus is an expectorant and antiviral.  It is also a lower price oil, which makes it appealing to amatuer oil users.  Every parent should have this oil on hand.  It is my personal go-to at the first sign of any sniffles.  At the onset of symptoms diffuse this oil throughout your home day and night.  At night put it in a diffuser in your child’s room and leave it going while they are asleep.


Why and How?

The last oil in the combo is frankincense.  This is the king of oils.  It has an amazing list of diverse uses!  However, it is one of the priciest oils around, retailing around $80 a bottle.  If you become an Orange Tree Oils member I can help you get if for much cheaper, and maybe even FREE!  Frankincense is great for boosting the immune system and good lung health.  It is also an extremely soothing oil and promotes relaxation.  My kids respond really well to this oil at bedtime.  It helps them relax and fall asleep.  At the onset of symptoms diffuse this oil throughout your house during the day.  Make sure to add it to the diffuser in child’s room at bedtime.  Promoting relaxation and rest with Frankincense will help your child’s immune system fight off those nasty germs!


Hyland’s for Kids

Why and How?

I’ve been reading a lot about homeopathic remedies lately.  Homeopathy is a type of medicine that was developed by a german doctor in the 1700’s.  It means “to treat like with like”.  In a nutshell the patient is given natural derived medicines that cause the body to create similar symptoms to the symptoms their illness is causing.  Although not fully understood why; this method has very positive outcomes.  I can speak for it with my children.  Since we switched to a pediatrician that advocates homeopathic remedies my children have not had antibiotics or advil/tylenol.

The Hyland’s brand children’s cold/cough medicine is great!  It’s not expensive and easily found at any drugstore.  I follow the guidelines on the bottle and give a dose every three hours at the onset of any cold symptoms.


I’ve found that if I continue with my “seasonal threat combo” for about 3-4 days the cold symptoms fade away without progressing.  This means a shortened and less severe illness.  It’s impossible to never get sick.  Sickness is a reality, but if you can reduce it’s misery while shortening it- naturally- why wouldn’t you?!