I’m Lydia, welcome to Orange Tree my wellness lifestyle blog.  I started this blog in September of 2015.  It began as a hobby for me.  I wanted the blog to be about history and lifestyle; weaving history into topics that are important to women today.  Over the course of the first year I became more serious about my own health and exercise habits.  I began to share things here and there about my diet, use of essential oils, and exercise routines.  I realized that these topics were getting the most response from my readers.  Naturally, I felt this was something I should pursue.  After a lot of thought I chose to focus the blog on wellness; primarily diet, essential oils, and work style/fashion (also known as athleisure).  I still try to weave historic facts into my posts, but it is not my main focus.  Just like I have changed and continue changing over the course my life, this blog has changed as well.  It is truly a reflection of who I am, the things I am passionate about, and living a more well life!

I’ve lived in Florida my entire life.  I love my home state and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  As a girl I danced ballet all the time; dreaming of being a ballerina.  I studied anthropology and international relations at Florida State University, obtaining my degree in 2004.  After a short time working in politics in Tallahassee I chose to attend graduate school at The University of Central Florida.  I earned a MA in Social Sciences Education and taught Social Studies for 6 years.  In 2011 I became a mother and started a new career as a stay at home.

I love the following things: my faith, my family, my fur baby (black lab pookie), Barre3, Yoga, my wheat & soy free diet, essential oils, shopping, and styling outfits that include yoga pants.  Seriously– I love that athleisure is a thing now!  Why didn’t it exist when I was in college??

If you’d like to collaborate contact me.  I’m always up for a new adventure!

email me: orangetreefla@gmail.com