Buy Oils: How to Start Your Essential Oil Collection

There are two easy ways to buy oils from Orange Tree Oils

Interested in starting your own essential oil collection?  Buy oils and get your essential oil collection started  with Orange Tree Oils!

Become an Orange Tree Oils member

You can purchase a kit, which is a bundle of oils and accessories.  Each kit offers HUGE savings over buying the oils individually.

 You can also choose to pay a membership fee ($35) and purchase oils a-la-cart.

 With both you will get:

  1. 25% off retail prices
  2. Option to participate in loyalty rewards program for free product and shipping rewards
  3. membership in Orange Tree Oils’ private & secret Facebook page.  On this page members share oil tips and tricks in a friendly and fun ongoing conversation.  You’ll get to meet (and learn from) other essential oil enthusiasts!
  4. Personal oil recommendations from me, for your specific wellness concerns
  5. Your own personal website to make it easy to share oils with friend and family, if you choose to do so
  6. Business mentoring, if you choose to pursue your own doTerra business.
  7. A reduced membership fee of $25, and a 15 ml bottle of Peppermint oil ($27.33 retail, so basically you get paid to renew), if you choose to renew after one year

become a member


One Time Orders- Head over to Orange Tree Oils and click shop.

You will pay retail prices.  You can make one time purchases as often as you choose.

one time shoppers