Essential Oil Education: Tips and Facts for Beginners

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Beginning your Essential Oil Education?

So you’ve read about the health benefits of oils, you’ve heard about them from your friends, and you’re ready to try them.  10 years ago I used oils for the first time to make a flea spray for my dog.  Back then the only place I knew to get them was whole foods.  I didn’t exactly know what they were either- just that I could use them to naturally repel fleas.  I remember standing in the aisle in the store sniffing them all and starting to fall in love with those tiny little bottles!

Since those days I’ve become more knowledgeable on the subject and have found a myriad of new ways to use them.  Learning to use oils is an educational and creative process.  As you learn about the historical background, past and present uses, and healing qualities of each oil you will also discover your own personal favorite ways to use each oil!

In fact for me the educational process is one of the reasons I love them so much.  As a self described history nut; I find it incredibly interesting to read about how cultures of the past used essential oils- and I love the renaissance of essential oils in today’s world!  I’m thrilled to help you start your essential oil education today!

Start Here:

My three favorite oils to start with are Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon.  They are all pretty common oils- which means they are easy to come by and their prices are very reasonable.  On the info-graphic below each oil is listed along with four easy ways to incorporate the oil into your everyday life.
The 3 Best Oils for Beginners

If you are ready to get started today consider purchasing your starter kit of oils with me.  Visit my oils website: Orange Tree Oils to shop oils.


Using oils isn’t complicated- although at the beginning it might seem that way.  Don’t be turned off by the number of oils and their different qualities- instead be thrilled that there are so many choices!  The same basic rules apply to all the oils- with just slight variations.  Below is an info-graphic that I’ve created with some basic facts and tips/rules to help you.  Remember they apply to all the oils- so it’s a great place to start your oil education.
10 tips for beginners