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Einkorn Blueberry Muffins

einkorn blueberry muffinsOne of our household’s favorite fruits is blueberries.  My youngest little boy LOVES them!  I decided to try out a batch of blueberry muffins using einkorn flour.  I followed Carla Bartolucci’s recipe in her book Einkorn.  The muffins turned out great!  They are a little denser then muffins made with modern wheat flour- but their flavor is richer and nuttier.  I would gladly trade a little bit of fluffiness for the flavor of einkorn muffins (not to mention the lack of feeling sick!).  I used blueberries from Plant City, Florida- which is pretty much Florida’s berry capital!  The berries were perfect- juicy and flavorful- and the best part- they popped in the oven spreading their juicy goodness all of the tops of the muffins!

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Einkorn- The World’s First Wheat

Fertile Crescent Map

Map of the Fertile Crescent

About 12,000 years ago in a place known today as The Fertile Crescent agriculture was born.  We know from the archaeological record that the (likely) first grain to be domesticated and farmed was wheat.  The Fertile Crescent includes parts of the following modern day countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt.  It’s is shaped a little like a crescent moon- hence the name.

A particular type of wheat grows wild in the region of the world- it’s einkorn.  Einkorn was the wheat that was first picked from the wild and domesticated all those thousands of years ago.  Over the centuries that have since passed humans have modified and cross bred with other grasses; einkorn and other early forms of wheat (emmer and spelt).  What we are left with today is modern wheat- which is actually very different from ancient einkorn.

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