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Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedies for Kids “Seasonal Threats”

Kid “Seasonal Threat” Combo- with Essential OIls and Homeopathic Remedies

Sneeze, cough, runny nose, crankiness, fever, trip to the doctor, one hour in the waiting room, antibiotics, diaper rash, diarrhea, upset tummy, 10 days later-finally feeling better.  A few days later- kid number 2- sneeze, cough, and the cycle continues!  Save yourself, please!  It’s time to bring on the essential oils and the homeopathic remedies.  Get off the hamster wheel!

If you are a parent you know what I’m talking about.  I’ve been there too.  But, that was before I took control of my kid’s wellness with essential oils and homeopathic remedies.  Part of me accepted it as something that came with territory of being a parent.  But, there was a part of me that just knew it didn’t have to be like this.  I was tired of spending money on copays and on rx’s that relieved the cold but caused crazy side affects!

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Aroma Bath: Aromatherapy in the Bath Tub

One of absolute favorite ways to use my oils is in an aroma bath!

Orange Tree Oil Tips

My children love and benefit from an aroma bath as well!  Putting essential oils in the bath tub is a safe and very effective way to allow your body to absorb the powerful benefits of oils.  When you apply oils directly to your skin you often have to use a carrier oil (always with young children).  In a bath no carrier oil is required.  Just fill the tub with warm water and add 5-10 drops of the oils of your choice!  Enjoy these easy aroma baths.  All of them are safe for children as well.  You might want to use less with children.

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