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Pass the Vintage Jello Please!

vintage jello recipe The Orange Tree orangetreefla.comOne of my most memorable Thanksgiving memories is the moment when my grandmother, Mama Ialeene, would let me dig into her red, fruit filled jello salad.  It was one of those jiggly, molded ones with the fruit suspended inside of it- chunks of pineapple and little sliced cherries.  I’m sure your grandmother probably made something similar.  I don’t have Mama’s original recipe- but I do have one of her cookbooks.  It’s a lovely old book, published in 1945; called The Household Searchlight Recipe Book.  My grandmother wrote her new married name on the inside front cover (how cute is that!).  I think it might have been a wedding gift or maybe a shower gift.  I found it when we were cleaning out her house after her death.  I kept it, mostly because of her name in it.  I felt drawn to it- she was a new bride and giddy to start cooking for her new husband- thinking about it now makes my heart smile!

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