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Like Water for Chocolate: Cacao Superfood

Raw Cacao

Thanks to my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor I’ve been making slight changes in my diet these past two weeks.  I recently underwent Chinese Body Typing and was told I’m an Earth Yang.  In Chinese Body Typing the doctor looks at your body and makes a determination about what types of foods you should avoid and consume more of.  It’s pretty interesting; and has 1000’s of years of history to back it up.  So, I’m an Earth Yang which means no VEGGIES for me.  He says I’m a GRAIN GIRL, meaning 50% of my diet should be grains, the other 50% is halved between animal product/meat and fruit.  Fruit includes vegetables that have seeds!  My doctor suggested I try something that I was unfamiliar with; raw cacao powder.  I mean, obviously I AM FAMILIAR with CHOCOLATE!  So what’s the difference?

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