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Make Your Own (safe and natural) Essential Oil Bug Spray

Living in Florida is wonderful!  I could make a list as thick as an encyclopedia of things I love about it.  We do have a few things that would not be on that list.  Number one would probably be mosquitoes!  They are everywhere down here.  In fact the county I live in used by called Mosquito County (I think Orange is much better, don’t you.. hehe).  Using bug spray is just something you do, unless you want to get eaten alive.  I’ve always been leery of bug sprays and repellents because of chemicals and toxins.  I’ve found some wonderful essential oils that work wonders repelling mosquitoes and are safe to use on children, pets and of course adults, which I’ll be sharing with you!  Today I’ll share my favorite bug repelling oils and a simple recipe for essential oil bug spray.

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