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Einkorn Blueberry Muffins

einkorn blueberry muffinsOne of our household’s favorite fruits is blueberries.  My youngest little boy LOVES them!  I decided to try out a batch of blueberry muffins using einkorn flour.  I followed Carla Bartolucci’s recipe in her book Einkorn.  The muffins turned out great!  They are a little denser then muffins made with modern wheat flour- but their flavor is richer and nuttier.  I would gladly trade a little bit of fluffiness for the flavor of einkorn muffins (not to mention the lack of feeling sick!).  I used blueberries from Plant City, Florida- which is pretty much Florida’s berry capital!  The berries were perfect- juicy and flavorful- and the best part- they popped in the oven spreading their juicy goodness all of the tops of the muffins!

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