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Victorian Inspired OOTD

I have been so inspired by my Victorian Month that I decided to write my first ever style/ Outfit of the day (OOTD) post!

First, a few things you should know, 1- I am NOT a stylist (nor do I claim to have any sort of super styling talent) I enjoy putting different pieces together and playing around in my closet.  2. – I am not a millennial (although I think I might be borderline) so taking selfies is not second nature to me.  Back in the day we used to take selfies with our yellow disposable kodak cameras (you know what I’m talking about) and then wait until we got the film developed to see how they turned out.  More often then not half of your face was missing.  Please be kind to my selfie efforts- cut me some slack- this is an art form not easily conquered overnight 😉

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