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Pie is for Pumpkin!

pumpkin pie

When you think of Thanksgiving you think of Pumpkin Pie!  Okay, maybe you think of turkey or green bean casserole or Jello- but I’m sure pumpkin pie is pretty high on the list.  Pumpkins are the symbol of Fall.  In early September they start appearing everywhere.  Pumpkins in the grocery store, pumpkin patches on the corner, craft pumpkins, pumpkin recipes, pumpkin wreaths, pumpkin spice lattes, pretty much pumpkins galore!  They are a major part of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and are sort of a national seasonal obsession.  I for one am part of the obsession!  I LOVE pumpkin spice candles and admit to lighting them in August!!  Pumpkins decorate my home from September to December;  and I make Pumpkin Pie almost every year.

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