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Like Water for Chocolate: Cacao Superfood

Raw Cacao

Thanks to my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor I’ve been making slight changes in my diet these past two weeks.  I recently underwent Chinese Body Typing and was told I’m an Earth Yang.  In Chinese Body Typing the doctor looks at your body and makes a determination about what types of foods you should avoid and consume more of.  It’s pretty interesting; and has 1000’s of years of history to back it up.  So, I’m an Earth Yang which means no VEGGIES for me.  He says I’m a GRAIN GIRL, meaning 50% of my diet should be grains, the other 50% is halved between animal product/meat and fruit.  Fruit includes vegetables that have seeds!  My doctor suggested I try something that I was unfamiliar with; raw cacao powder.  I mean, obviously I AM FAMILIAR with CHOCOLATE!  So what’s the difference?

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Orangetree’s Summer Essential Oils Top Three

Orangetree’s Summer Essential Oils Top Three!!

Essential Oil Uses (1)

It’s sum sum sum summertime here in FLA and it’s HOT, HUMID, and FUN!  I love summer!  I went through a brief phase when I hated it- but that was when I had a newborn baby and a two year old (seriously, what do you do all summer with a newborn and two year old??!!)- thankfully that phase has passed!  Summer is an awesome time to break out your essential oil collection, play around, and experiment.  There are several amazing and practical ways to use your summer essential oils.  I’ve made up a quick top three list of my favorite summer essential oils uses.  Give them a try, let me know your thoughts, and have some fun!

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